Crystal Drop – Slot from Cozy Games

Crystal Drop is an atmospheric slot game released by Cozy Games and it contains bright colored gem crystals. Also, it has an outer space theme. There are many different ways to win here, and it has 20 paylines. It does not stop there. There are wild symbols, a fun gambling option, and a re-lucrative spin feature.


There are not any normal slot reels, instead there are 14 spaces in a grid. The colorful crystals in this slot fall down in order to fill the spaces in. If you land at least 3 matching symbols on a payline, you will receive a payout.


Going Into Outer Space- Before you get the spinning action started, you have to choose your bet for each spin. All of the fixed 20 paylines have to be played. This means that you will have less flexibility, even though there is a maximum number of ways to win every single time.


The betting range starts at 0.05 and ends at 1.06 for each payline. The minimum total bet is 1.06, and the maximum total bet is at 21.18. Obviously this is a small range, and high slot rollers might not like playing this. For slot low rollers, 1.06 might not be high for them. However for middle slot rollers, this one would be perfect for them.


The auto spin feature is another option included into the slot. This feature allows players to play up to 100 spins automatically. They will set the chosen maximum loss and maximum win limits. The paytable button is located at the top of the screen. Symbols, payouts, and game rules are all in the paytable.


A mix of outer space and precious crystals is in the theme. A purple and dark blue space is in the background. Also in the background there are glittering white stars, moving asteroids, and misty planets. Across the screen, you will see light shafts along with a pink flying saucer in the background. All of these elements combined add on to the theme of the game. There are some nice sound effects in this game. These sound includes shimmering noises, electronic beeps, and a keyboard playing a nice tune.


The Best Rewards- The turquoise diamond and the red heart are the highest paying symbols in the game. Both of these symbols can give out up to 40 coins for landing 5 symbols. The blue pointed crystal and the green oblong crystal are the second best paying symbols, and they each give out up to 35 coins for landing five symbols. The third best paying symbols are the gold and lime green long-shaped crystals. Both of these symbols give out up to 30 coins for landing 5 of the symbols. Next in the paytable are the squared light blue crystal and the burnt orange crystal. Both of these symbols give out 20 coins for landing 5 matching symbols.


When you hit the spin button, a shimmering noise is heard whenever there are new symbols. Then a thumping noise is heard whenever there are symbols dropping into place. When a winning combination is landed, an electronic jingle is heard.


Re-spins- The silver symbol with the letter W is the wild symbol. This is a symbol that appears on reels 2 and 4. Also, it gives out up to 50 coins for landing five of the symbols. When the symbol makes an appearance, it turns neighboring symbols into wild in order to help form some potential wins. Every time there is a silver wild symbol, you will receive 1 re-spin. The re-spin can get you more winning combinations.


The Gamble Feature- After receiving any winning combination, you have the option to play the gambling feature. In order to play the gamble feature, you have to hit the gamble button which is next to the spin button. You have to guess the color or suit of the next card that is in the pack. If you guess the correct color, then your prize will be doubled. Guessing the correct card suit, your cash will be quadrupled. Make sure you think carefully because if you make the incorrect guess, then you will lose your winnings.


Overall Thoughts about Crystal Drop Slot- Crystal Drop is a fun slot to play. A lot of the reason as to why this is the case is because of its colors and the fact that it has a space theme. The wild symbols in this game are very interesting because they create a lot of different ways to win.

The silver wild symbols is the best asset to this slot due to it being able to turn more symbols into wilds. Unfortunately since there are a lack of bonus features, it does take away from the game some. However, it is still enjoyable.

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