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Get fashionable with this trendy new slot

Fashion is something that can cause both pain and pleasure. Everyone has ways they like to dress, but often at times it can be very costly. Many people feel as though they are not as beautiful as those selected in magazines. However, Fashion slot can definitely make you feel as if you are beautiful enough to be in a magazine.

This is a slot game that should not just be looked at as a slot game. Gamescale put a lot of thought and creativity into this slot. It surrounds the elements of a fashion magazine. The activity in this slot game is unique and innovative. This slot contains 3 reels that goes horizontally. In a lot of other slot games, the reels are comprised of different tiles, but however in this one, the tiles comes together to form a big picture.


Sign Up Bonus

AUD $502

In-Play Betting



2-3 Days

+ 4 more

The pages provided in this slot are not that fickle. Since they are not fickle, it makes the slot user friendly to engage with. It is really good that there are not any photo shopped models in this slot game. This slot shows realness.

Going Behind the Camera- While you are in charge of putting together tiles to create one large image, you become the photographer for the following photoshoot, along with mixing and matching to form the next big project.

Hitting the mark that is needed is definitely a huge challenge, but you never know when luck will be on your side. When an outfit comes together well, it becomes a special moment.

However in order to win any money, players do not necessarily always have to develop a full picture. The camera symbol can be seek out on the winning line as well. Unfortunately, this gives out the smallest payouts. Also, it is much less fun.

The Models in Fashion- In this slot game, there are 5 total models. Other parts of the paytable are made up of cameras and silhouettes. That is achieved through putting together an incorrect model. Your attempts at putting the models together are appreciated by the game, but if the style is not impressive, your payout will be small.

Making a bold move plays a huge role in fashion. With that being the case, the male model is the highest paying icon, which the man in the purple jumper having the highest value. Users can get anywhere between 1,000 and 5,000 credits when he appears in entirety. The amount of credits you will receive depends on your bet level.

The Money in the Industry- Even though fashion is a very accomplished and powerful industry, you do not have to pay a large amount of money to have a shot at playing this slot game. As it has already been mentioned in this article, there are three betting levels. This gets indicated by the tabled that is next to the magazine.

All slot players how much a 1 coin bet in comparison to 2 or 3. This will lead to making an educated decision about the value for each coin when the bet total is being settled. This is located under the photographs. No slot player will give out anything more than €15.

Since it has an unusual design and an interesting spread out, it can make the user interface seem more complicated than it really is. Do not let the layouts and themes get you fooled. This slot game is simple. The main difference between this slot and other ones is the level the imagery is on. The exciting imagery in this slot game has the ability to throw you off.

There is an auto play mode offered in this game. Even though it is easy to hit the spin button, the auto play option is still a recommendation. The reason is because through the auto play option, you can just sit back and watch the reels spin automatically. Plus it is interesting to see the turns of the magazine corner. There are a lot of interesting finishing touches in this slot. All of these interesting finishing touches enhances the game’s experience.

Overall Thoughts About Fashion Slot- The Fashion slot is definitely a slot that is entertaining to play. There is a reason as to why it has gained a very high buzz. As you are playing it, you will get a clear understanding as to why. This slot provides an experience that is rare in the online slot market. The tempo goes up high in such an organized and smooth matter.

Gamescale did a good job at making sure slot players will be able to connect with this slot. Even though the fashion industry is full of challenges, through playing this slot you can get some big prizes if luck happens to be on your side when you play it.

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