Below we list safe, reputable and legal betting sites for 2018. In 2017, the Australian government outlawed casino sites that haven’t obtained local licenses. Despite casino operators aiming to obtain local authorization, the process has been slow and therefore mainstream betting platforms are the only legally authorized forms of gambling offering real money options in 2018.

MasterCard Casino Australia – Gamble with Credit Cards in AUD

Looking to gamble online with your credit card? This is one of the most popular methods for gambling in AUD, and it is one that offers a wealth of benefits. But it’s not all positive and there are a host of issues with using this method.

In this guide on the best MasterCard casinos in Australia we’ll show you what those pros and cons are, while also pointing you towards the best credit card casinos in AUD.


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Pros and Cons of Credit Card Gambling

There are many reasons that you would want to use a credit card to gamble online. It might be the only option that you have. It might be that you think it is the safest, the quickest or the best. We all have our reasons and not all of us have options.

But if you do have other options at youf disposal then make sure you take the following pros and cons into account. They will tell you whether it’s a good idea to use your credit card to gamble or whether you should opt for another method.

Pros of MasterCard Gambling

  • Accessibility: Most adults of a legal gambling age will have a credit card, and many of us have several of them. They are a part of modern life, a part of the convenient experience that we all seek. Not only do we all have them, but most sites accept them. In fact, we have yet to find a single legitimate casino in Australia that does not accept credit cards to deposit.
  • Credit: If you don’t have the money on you or you don’t want to dip into your bank, then you can use credit. If you win then you can pay it back before you owe any interest. This is basically like your bank staking you for your gambling and you paying it back when you win. Of course, this is a slippery slope and one that can lead to gambling addiction.
  • Safety: Credit cards are some of the safest payment methods out there. They are backed up by the latest technology in security and encryption. They have many layers of security applied, both from your issuing bank and from the issuer of the card, which in this case would be MasterCard. Both will work hard to keep your details secure and your money safe.
  • Cover: Let’s say that the unthinkable does happen and the site is hacked or the site is a scam. If this happens with a debit card then you might have little recourse. The same applies to wire transfers and many other popular methods. But credit cards are built for this. There are fraud measures in place that will ensure you get all of your money back as soon as something like this happens. It’s the peace of mind that many other payment options just do not provide.

Cons of MasterCard Gambling

  • Fees: Some online casinos charge you fees for gambling with a credit card. What’s more, your credit card issuer will also charge you a “cash fee” for each deposit you make into an online gambling account. If the casino is also charging you fees then it is a double whammy and a single $10 deposit could end up costing close to $15.
  • Withdrawals: Most online casinos will not let you process withdrawals to a credit card. They will almost certainly let you deposit, but in most cases you can not withdraw and will need to setup another withdrawal method.
  • Speed: Credit cards can be very slow to process withdrawals, assuming you can make those withdrawals in the first place. As with debit cards, they can take as many as 5 working days to process your payment.
  • Credit: While it is a good thing that you can use credit if you choose, it’s not a good thing that any money you win will be transferred as credit. To some players it will be, as it means they can use winnings to pay off their card. But most gamblers prefer to see the money in their bank, and this just won’t happen.

The Best MasterCard Casinos in AUD

There are many top online casinos out there that allow you to deposit and withdraw with credit cards, but don’t let you play in AUD. Then there are those that insist you use a separate account for your “AUD Wallet”, as is the case with a famous (or rather infamous) betting exchange.

You don’t really want to waste your time with either of these. The first are just not willing to cater for Australian players, which means you will likely encounter issues further down the line, while the Aussie wallet brigade will just waste your time and make it difficult to gamble on international markets.

Once we move away from these two types there are many groups of sites, many casino gambling brands and many independent online casinos that fit the bill. These are not based in Australia, because the Interactive Gambling Act of Australia makes it illegal for them to offer services to Aussie players when they are. But they still cater for players Down Under.

Many of these are based in Malta, where they are also regulated. But the list of the “best credit card sites for Australians” is constantly changing, which is why you can no longer find one here. Simply put, we grew tired of listing sites that were great one minute, but then started making mistakes and letting things slip the next. Instead, you can find the best sites on the graphics at the top and the sides of this page and on our homepage.

All of these provide what you’re looking for and we’re constantly changing them to ensure we only advertise the very best.

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