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Ocean Riches Slot Offers Real Mermaid Like Gambling

Mermaids are enjoying themselves down in the ocean. The colors are very vivid and the sea life is so beautiful. It is so beautiful that you are not going to want to take your eyes off of it. Yes, these mermaids know that you are a full human, but do not worry about this. The reason is because their occasion has been turned into a convenient slot machine that has 5 reels and 50 paylines. The name of this slot is called Ocean Riches. Ocean Riches was developed by PlayPearls. You do not have to worry about getting wet.



Sign Up Bonus

AUD $502

In-Play Betting



2-3 Days

+ 4 more

Slot players will love the fact that it has a x1,000 jackpot. Knowing this, this will many slot players have more of an enticing experience and it will make it worthwhile for them. Also there is a choice of wilds option, which is unheard of. This brings in originality to the game.


There are a few surprises in store in this slot game. You can use this article to help you out with understanding the Ocean Riches slot.


The Gameplay of Ocean Riches- This slot has elements such as kingdoms and redheaded mermaids that have been seen in Disney films. However even though it contains Disney film elements, it has more of a mature feel to it. The images featured in it do not have a realistic look to it, but it does not look like an animation as well. Basically, it combines the two to form an aesthetic that can be admirable.


Even though all of the tiles are intriguing in their own way, the mermaid framed by shells and coral is the prettiest out of them. The detail that is shown in that image is second to none. Even though she gives out some of the biggest figures in the game, you still can only get 8.00 when five of the symbols are landed. This is very disappointing. The logo of the game is the only icon that beats her, and that gives out 10.00.


The scatters in the symbol look like a treasure chest with riches. If three scatters land, you will be shown a choice of multi-colored wilds and starfish. They all have different outcomes. A blue scatter will give you 20 free spins along with either a x2, x3, or x5 multiplier. Green gives out a limited amount of free spins going down to 15, and somewhere between x3 and x8 multipliers. Pink will make the amount of extras gets decreased to 10 free bounds, and the multiplier will be between x5 and x10. A purple scatter will give you 8 free spins, but a maximum multiplier of x15, and the minimum multiplier of x8. Yellow gives out the least amount of spins you can receive, but it has the highest multipliers and if you land 5 free waves you will be able to get up to a x30 multiplier. x30 multiplier.


Guess what? There is even more to this slot. There is a normal wild that replaces other symbols outside of the scatter. The normal wild icon is red and yellow.


Receiving The Money- The betting range in this slot is decent, even for those who have a tight budget. In other words, you do not have to bet big in order to have fun playing this slot.


A low 0.01 is the first amount for all paylines. It can go up to 0.50 which is the limit in the game. In other words, your stake can either be 0.50 or 25.00 credits. Its betting range is very forgiving.


Since this is a slot that has fixed paylines, there is not anything more to do in this slot other than hitting the spin button or the auto play mode, depending on if whether you like to play with hands on or hands off.


Overall Thoughts About Ocean Riches Slot- PlayPearls did a good job at creating this slot game, even though its payouts are very low. However, it is very accessible for all types of slot players. The bonus features are not that entertaining. However even though they are not entertaining, they can be very giving.


Also, the bonus features can be confusing to some slot players. Even though the features are confusing, it does not take a long time to get the hang of it.


For the jackpot alone, this is a slot worth checking out. Many slot players will want to play this slot game just for that alone. Who knows if you decide to play this slot, you might become very lucky. Also, it does not cost much to have a shot at getting the riches located in the ocean. Have fun playing this slot, and have fun with the mermaids inside of the ocean while getting some riches.


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